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My Family 2002

My Family 2002

We are a family of six. My wife Erin and myself have four boys who we are extremely proud of and one dog which is a black Boxer named “Recon”.

I served in the United States Marine Corps and as a young man realized the cost of our freedom and how most of us Americans take it for granted. The technical skills I gained in the Marine Corps allowed me to eventually  land a great job in Moline, IL. with John Deere (Headquarters) as a Consultant which helped them blaze the trail for doing business with their Dealerships located all over the world via the Internet.

Erin and I both grew up in the Quad Cities and this is where we planned on raising our family and continued to call home. Fate would have it otherwise. (*Not before selling our first house back in the QC’s.) My job as an Internet Security consultant presented us with an opportunity to work for Norwest in Minnesota that we simply could not pass up.

So in February of 2000 we moved to Lakeville. Erin at the time was a stay at home Mom and loving it. Our boys loved it and she really babied us all during that time. It was one of the best years that I will always cherish. That chapter unfortunately passed all too quickly. Soon in early 2001 when the boys all were now enrolled in school ,  she started back working for a Law firm as a paralegal. She quickly changed her mind and was excited with the idea of being a Realtor and joined Edina in 2002. So she did. I like to say “the beast was unleashed, She went H.A.M!” as my kids would say. (*Please forgive me, I still am not quite sure what I just said because the kids still laugh when I say this.)

Anyway, Erin did not waste any time and got her license and started in Real Estate with her first deal literally right out of the gate. She was off to a great start! Over the next few years, I realized I was not so satisfied with my existing work.  I decided that Internet consulting kept leaving me a little empty. I would create solutions for multiple companies but never be part of the family fabric of the companies that I would strive passionately to secure.  So shortly after fixing their problems; documenting it; and training the employees for securing future issues.  I would be back starting all over at another company.

Grateful for having a successful career but overall unfulfilled with the path of the future.  I wanted more. I realized that while working with many consultants from out of the country that they were coming here to the US thinking big!  They were very aware of the opportunities that awaited here in America.  They were not planning on working for the big corporation for very long.  They were here to ultimately start their own business and own their own corporations.  A light bulb went off for me as I allowed myself to see this path as my potential future.  This is the American Dream.  We are in the land of free and home of the brave.  The opportunity to own a business was a real option.  This may sound corny to some of you but I never allowed my self to dream this big unless it was something that I felt I could do. “We” could do. I will admit, but not go into detail of what my wife initially said to me after telling her my vision of owning our very business together. With deep thought and consideration we created a business plan and decided to create “Team Duckworth” and push forward as Realtors.

During that time I kept trying to realize why this was not even a blip on the radar for me up to this point in my career path.  All I can come up with is this,  I did not read enough inspirational books to inspire me to dream that I could.  I was not surrounded by this kind of thinking growing up.  It just simply was not in our way of life.  Stability is a necessity in a family environment.  My Dad taught me more just by his actions than he ever did with his words.  Always show up, be reliable, do the work, always leave things better than you when you received them. And of course Family First!  These values along with core values of the Marine Corps and on the job corporate business experience was more than enough to lay the groundwork of owning a successful business. Long story short we have thrived in Real Estate as a husband/wife Team since 2004 when we created Team Duckworth.

We always get asked the question about “how do you work together?  We would have killed each other?!”  Honestly the strengths that brought us together as a married couple is what we pull from to make this work in business.  Diversity makes us stronger. We diversified our skill sets along the way and we’ve thrived through some of the toughest years that Real Estate has ever seen.  In 2012 we decided to move from Edina Realty brokerage to Keller Williams Preferred Realty.  The KW core values align perfectly with ours. The mission statement pushes us to think big and grow.  This mindset has spilled over to our personal life and how we challenge our sons to think.   The switch was just what we needed to feed our desire to continually improve.  Our dream of owning our own business has positively affected our children and will have a ripple effect on their families for generations to come.  Our vision and commitment to success has made them aware of the work ethic needed to make this work. We are happy to say that somehow along the way inspired three of them to join Real Estate. They have loving embraced the opportunity and challenges that this brings!  To always represent our clients with such a passion that your kids will want to follow you do the same thing, is pretty special.  I know my boys are watching us.  Knowing this, I will always  act in accordance as an example for them.  Showing them that the sky is the limit when you do business with honor and integrity.  We are rooted in our commitment to helping our clients find the home of their dreams and strive to go above and beyond their expectations of service while working with us.  This is my big “why!” #AmericaDream  #GetYourDucksInARow! #MyDuckDynasty

Duckworth - Boys to Men

Duckworth – Boys to Men

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